My name is Kyle  Avalani, scroll through this website to see some projects I have worked on.

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Location, Aware, Volunteer, Opportunities

I am  the CTO of  Sinovo Apps, the company behind the creation of the Android application Lavo. Lavo is designed to be a simple, innovative app targeting high schoolers who need help finding volunteer opportunities in their area. This app has now been released to the public and you can find it for download here on the Google Play Store.

Finals Grade Calculator

A simple calculator

Finals Grade Calculator is an Android app for calculating what percetage a student needs to get on their final to achieve a certain grade. You can download this app on the Google Play Store here. You can view the source code over here on Github.

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My Reps

A workout logsheet

My Reps is an Android app for keeping track of reps and sets during a workout. No more paper and pencil, as long as you have your phone on you, you'll have your workout log. The app includes a button for automatically screenshotting  your log, so for your next workout you can look back and try to improve. Currently, the app is functional, but not completely user friendly, so the app will remain unpublished until a later date. Until then, you can view the source code over here on Github.